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Facebook account without Marketplace? The cause and how to fix it

The Marketplace model officially appeared in 2016, but with Facebook’s new algorithmic moves, specifically showing a clear separation between “community” and “place of sale”, Marketplace has become a trend again. with the ability to bring great free traffic sources. However, during the process of consulting customers, I received a lot of feedback about Facebook accounts not having Marketplace, so let’s join FACCMARKET to find out the cause and how to fix it in this article!

1. What is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is Facebook’s online “shopping market” where sellers  can post and sell products and services, and  buyers can find products and services that suit their needs.

What is facebook marketplace?

Similar to the form of posting sales on Fanpage and running ads , but different from Marketplace in that the seller uses his own personal profile and does not need to run ads but customers can still search or see the product. yours easily.

2. Reasons to join the current Marketplace market

Facebook Marketplace did not suddenly become a “hot” sales platform, so what are the reasons why the market is becoming more and more crowded?

  • Facebook Marketplace is a huge potential market because the number of available Facebook users in Vietnam is a huge number, not to mention algorithm updates that make it difficult to sell using personal profiles and Pages running ads as intended. Determine Marketplace’s position from Facebook itself.
  • Free – keywords cannot be ignored if you want to take advantage of free traffic channels for marketing & sales
  • Increase brand recognition thanks to high natural views  .
  • “Recommended” feature – if you are “lucky” enough to be on the “recommended” product list, thousands of orders with a marketing cost of 0 VND can completely happen.
  • Marketplace participants must verify their identity >>> eliminate most clones, virtual accounts, etc.
  • Possessing a “following” mechanism like previous platforms, in simple words, when you are interested in and refer to a product, ads for similar products will be displayed to you many times.

However, many of our customers report that their accounts cannot go to Marketplace to post or search for products. Why is that?

3. Why doesn’t Facebook account have Marketplace?

First, try the link: or

If the account can access Marketplace through the link above, there is no problem, but if a message appears as shown below, there are 2 cases as follows.
Facebook does not have a marketplace

 1. Link not working

Reason: Facebook is still in the process of updating and developing Marketplace every day, so it does not apply uniformly to all Marketplace features but grants permission to use Marketplace according to each level of account, location, etc.

To use Marketplace, you need:

  • Use a “trusted ” Facebook account – that is, created and used for a long time because Marketplace policy wants to protect users as much as possible from phishing problems. New accounts will not have Marketplace and can only buy and sell through the Facebook group
  • Location: living (or recently traveling) in locations that have not been allowed by Facebook to use Marketplace and cannot access buying and selling. This location is not public on Facebook.
  • Age: 18 and up.
  • Language.
  •  Latest version : Marketplace cannot be used on older versions of the Facebook app or iPhones prior to iPhone 5.

2. The link works but there is no access to Marketplace

Account lost access to Marketplace? If you receive the above notice, your right to use Marketplace has been revoked by Facebook because it violates the Commerce Policy or Community Standards set by this platform.

Find Facebook’s policies & standards , carefully review to see if your product, service or action accidentally violates any category. If not, you can appeal in the following order:

  1. Go to
  2. Tap Request reconsideration .
  3. Facebook will review your request and respond within 1 week via your account’s support inbox or the email associated with your account.

Should buy our Facebook Marketplace account

FACCMARKET is always proud to be a large and reputable provider of Facebook account accounts  in Vietnam.

Always provide customers with good quality Facebook accounts.

The Facebook Marketplace accounts we sell are real people accounts, in Vietnam or abroad.

Customers just need to tell us their needs and we will meet them.

The Facebook Nickname we sell has had its original email changed, so you don’t have to worry about it being taken back after purchase.

Customers who buy it just need to change the password to use it immediately.

The account has 2FA two-factor security enabled, so using it will limit checkpoints.

When purchasing a Facebook Marketplace account, we will send complete information such as account, password, email and email pass.

Warranty Policy

  • 1 for 1 exchange warranty if your password is wrong the first time you log in.
  • Attach email, email password, backup file to open identity verification.
  • Attached is a detailed instruction video.
  • Always support customers during use to the best of their ability.

Contact to buy facebook account

  • HOTLINE:  0989942333
  • WHATSAPP: 0989942333

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