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FACEBOOK Algorithm Changes – 5 Tips for Facebook Advertisers

2020 is a year of many changes for Facebook. Not just an interface that helps optimize users and upgrade systems. Recently, Facebook announced a change that makes it more difficult for advertisers on this social network. Specifically, please follow along

Facebook announces algorithm changes – Advertisers find it more difficult to reach customers

Facebook has announced that it will stop allowing advertisers to target by age, gender and nationality. This is to limit discrimination.

Technologyreview page reported that Facebook will make some changes on the company’s paid advertising platform by the end of 2019. The above move of the world’s largest social network is to prevent discrimination in advertisements. Reports on real estate, jobs, credit and some other services.

Accordingly, in the future, ads belonging to the above content group will not be able to differentiate potential customers based on factors such as age, gender or nationality . This is something that has long caused Facebook to receive a lot of criticism with accusations of discrimination.

facebook changes algorithm

“Discrimination” here means, a recruitment advertisement or a house, a loan may not be approached by a business (ad buyer) to women or people over 55 years old. They are even adjusted to not be visible to Muslims or African Americans, according to the Atlantic.

According to Technologyreview, Facebook’s new terms will cause many difficulties for advertisers. Advertising campaigns will no longer be targeted by age, gender, nationality… forcing advertisers to spend more brainpower and even spend more money to reach potential customers.

According to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), this move by Facebook will help bring major changes to the company’s advertising platform. However, organizations will continue to monitor this social network in the near future to monitor compliance with their statements.

Advice for advertisers facing Facebook’s algorithm

Your users or customers increasingly hate ads because they are boring, repetitive, and not what they need.
The 5 tips below will help you make changes in creating attractive ads.

️ 🍀Full and honest description of your product/service
Imagine when you go to the supermarket and buy a product. But you find no information or product information that is vague, general, or incomplete. Or, if the product has complete and clear information but… “images are for illustration only”, customers will certainly never come to you a second time.
Therefore, the element of honesty and completeness in Advertising your product/service is the first and most important thing you need to do if you want to get the highest advertising effectiveness.

️ 🍀Understand your target audience
This is something you need to determine before providing a certain type of product/service. Carefully researching the market as well as understanding what your target customers want is an extremely useful factor. Not only for production or distribution, but also in designing effective advertising content.

️ 🍀Come up with a unique and attractive slogan or title.
Creating a unique Slogan and title in advertising brings great efficiency. Not only does it help searchers grasp information about your products/services. It is sometimes also very effective in spreading information by word of mouth through the customers themselves.

️ 🍀Beautiful fanpage design at a reasonable cost
If you want to advertise online effectively, don’t try to limit advertising costs too much. Some online businesses can save some money by knowing how to design their own fanpage.
You can learn this through online courses, in addition to design you can also learn a lot of other knowledge.

️ 🍀Maintain and continuously update product/service information.
Don’t think that just creating an interesting and attractive initial advertising page is enough. However, failure to maintain and update information will make customers gradually feel bored and outdated. Always update your information, it not only helps customers have more necessary information, expand the number of customers, but also helps your sales fanpage get to the top faster.

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