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How quickly will I receive my order after payment?

The average time for receiving an order is 10-15 minutes.

When paying with cryptocurrency, this time is 30+ minutes.

How will I receive my order after payment?

1) You will receive an email with the link on the order. Be sure to enter a valid email address.

2) Your order will be available in your personal account.

How to understand from the sent order: what is login, and what is password?

The form of account, which is sent after the purchase, is specified in the description of account. The description opens when you click on the type of account you want.

What are softreg accounts?

Softreg are accounts that are registered automatically using special programs.

What’s the difference between fresher and aged accounts ?

The fresher the account, the more it is sensible to actions in the first days of use, and more likely to ask for phone verification at login or after a few actions. The more aged, the more it can endure. However, while aged accounts can easily accept login from other locations and resist at more daily actions, it is safer to warm up any account regardless of age, like proceeding with only a few actions daily, for a few days. If fresh accounts are warmed up properly, in time they can be as much as effective as aged accounts.

How long ago have accounts been registered?

If the registration date is not specified separately in the accounts description, then the accounts are registered recently.

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Yes, we have such accounts. Similarly, if the registration date is not specified separately in the account description, then the accounts are registered recently.

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We can offer only the assortment that is available in the store. You can choose the right account, read its description and buy it yourself.

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We only register accounts and do not work with them, therefore, unfortunately, we can not advise anything specific. For different purposes, you can use different accounts. Test.

I bought an Instagram account. Upon login, the account requested a phone with SMS. After entering the number Instagram throws the account to the main page. What to do?

Confirm the account from the official Instagram application, having previously updated it on your phone. If you have more than one account, confirm with Socialkit.

How to safely phone verify social media accounts?
  • PV solution 1: The best and safest method to phone verify social accounts are real sim numbers, you could either buy them in your country or off Ebay, at rates between $0.2 – $1 / sim card. If the sim cards are from a foreign country, you should make sure the sim has area coverage in your country and it doesn’t charge extra tax for receiving SMS’s locally. Advantages: Real numbers are considered to be the most trusted by social networks, also by being the single owner of the number it will ensure no further use for other accounts, which could put the accounts at risk. Downsides: It can get expensive and time consuming.
  • PV solution 2: Using free SMS apps like Textnow, Textplus, Nextplus. Advantages: No costs. Downsides: Valid numbers (working area codes) are hard to find so it will take some time to successfully PV accounts; Because these are virtual numbers, sometimes IG can see them as suspicious.
  • PV solution 3: Using online SMS verify services, but avoid Chinese and Russian numbers. I can’t vouch for any mainstream providers right now. – Advantages: You can easily verify accounts from a provided dashboard, or if you have plenty of accounts to verify, you can automate the process with the site API. Downsides: Numbers might be reused at some point, or they can be flagged as spammy by social networks, thus, you might get a re-PV or even instant bans after PV! So please treat this method with caution when verifying accounts (verify only 1-2 accs at first, and wait for a while to see if the accounts are in good standing).
The account requests SMS from a certain number, what should I do?

All numbers on which accounts are registered are temporary and do not belong to us. We do not have access to them, so we will not be able to check the account.

Account requires additional information, what should I do?

Additional data is usually attached in the format of accounts for sale. If it is not enough and the service requests, for example, Scan of the passport, then we can’t help.

Do your Facebook accounts fit to drain advertising from them?

We only register accounts and do not work with them, so, unfortunately, we can not say anything. Test.

Are you selling proxies?

No, we don’t. But a selection of vendors of the proxy can be found here:

Added a task in the wrapping service, but it does not work?

You may have set a too low bid for the task. Better consult on this issue with the technical support of the corresponding service.