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Link 779 TUT Discover the Latest Facebook Code Generator

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Link 779 is the Facebook Support Link used to report errors of not receiving two-factor authentication codes from Facebook.

Cases of Facebook users having their information leaked, their accounts hacked, and strangers logging in are increasing.

Using two layers of security makes users feel safer and more secure about their Facebook.

However, another worrying issue is the Facebook two-factor authentication code generator error.

This error has many causes, but the result is that you cannot have the authentication code to log into Facebook.

INCREASE LIKE VIP will guide you to use Link 779 Facebook to break the 2FA code generator.

Let’s see together!

Link 779 What is Facebook Code Generator?

Link 779 What is Facebook?

Facebook has many support links, each link will be a separate form of support.

Such as identity verification link, link 890, link 667, link 279…

Facebook creates security features, so it is impossible for you to not be able to access your account for the above silly reason.

Like other links, Link 779 helps you report to Facebook about two-factor authentication code generator error issues.

Once the complaint is resolved, you will be logged back into your Facebook account.

Also called Link 779 because the link below ends with the last 3 numbers 779.

What is a code generator?

The code generator is a security feature for the Facebook app used with 2-factor authentication.

When you turn this feature on, your phone generates a special security code that you can use to verify it’s you when you sign in from a new device or browser.

The code generator works on mobile devices even if you don’t have access to text messages (SMS) or an Internet connection.

You can also use the Code Generator if you need to reset your password.

Other helpful resources

  • Code Generator security codes used for 2-factor authentication are always 6 digits long and will expire after 30 or 60 seconds depending on the mobile device you are using.
  • If your security code isn’t working, tap  My code isn’t working  on mobile to reset the Code Generator.


Code generator error is a general term for cases where you cannot receive the authentication code when logging into your Facebook account.

This error appears in the following cases:

When Facebook has an error, do not send the code to your phone

When you lose your old phone number, you cannot open the code Facebook sent

Link 779 When is Facebook used?

Use link 779 Facebook to break the two-factor authentication 2FA code generator.

In cases where you cannot get the code generator to log in.

Some reasons why you cannot get the Facebook login code generator:

  • The phone number registered to get the code generator has been lost.
  • Because you set up the 2FA code but forgot this code.
  • Facebook account was hacked and 2FA code was changed.
  • Error due to Facebook lag not sending code to your phone.

Instructions link 779 to break the Facebook code generator

Unlike other Facebook errors, the code generator error is very easy to solve.

No need to Fake IP, no need to prepare extension, no need to change language…

Break Facebook code generator, break two-factor authentication in 4 simple steps

Step 1 : Access Link 779:

Step 2 : The request page appears, please provide complete information according to the instructions below

  • Your exact name on the account (Remember it is your account name, otherwise it will be mistaken for someone else)
  • Mobile device service provider/service provider (This is the network operator you use to register authentic phone numbers: Viettel, mobi..)
  • The problem you are facing (Choose the right choice for your situation)
  • However, I advise you to choose: I have completely lost access to the phone number)
  • Describe the problem you are having

Describe the problem truthfully and in detail. If you don’t know how to write it, you can refer to the paragraph below:

“I’m having an error of not receiving an access code from Facebook.

I can verify this is my account by sending my face photo and identification documents.”

Step 3 : Select the file to send a photo of your ID card, driver’s license,… any of your identification documents.

Or you can also take a photo of you holding a piece of paper and filling in the number sequence that Facebook requires.

Step 4 : Click send and wait.

Conclusion link 779 Facebook

Two-factor authentication or two-layer security really makes you feel more secure.

But if you lose your phone, change your phone number, Facebook doesn’t send the code,… it’s also really annoying.

Many people do not know that this trick will give up and give up their Facebook account that has been used for a long time and contains a lot of important information.

Rest assured, with link 779 and this tutorial, the above situation will not happen.

Wishing you success in accessing your account.


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