The Best Facebook Ads Accounts for sale.


The Process Of Creating An Advertising Campaign Violates The Policy

You proceed to add a card → Click on the add payment method button (Facebook will select the value and currency again)

Note 1

To locate by via ( setcamp edit target re normal )

Change the currency + time zone you want

Note 2

You can use old Facebook + NEW Post (use via setcamp to post new post) → make sure the fan page is not running black and is a new post (the system does not accept warranty for setting old posts)

Note 3

Set 1 Campaign + maximum 3 Groups (the system only includes 1 money-making activity camp and it’s DONE)

Note 4: Setcamp TKQC dies, or create a new dead TKQC by using the link: Payments/risk/preauth/?ad_account_id=653693519178359&entrypoint=WWW_AYMT_NOTIFICATION ( replace ID of TKQC Go to Approval ACTIVE again)

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