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Restore access to Facebook Marketplace

What is Facebook Marketplace?
Why doesn’t the account have Facebook Marketplace? Solution!
Marketplace is a private buying and selling feature for Facebook users, launched in October 2016 and released in Vietnam in March 2017, available for most users aged 18 and over on both operating systems. iOS and Android. Previously, to sell a few items, you had to join large classifieds groups and post articles promoting the products. This tool will help you simplify everything.

The main interface of Marketplace is images of items for sale near you. Users can search for goods by filtering by location, price, and product type (electronics, household appliances, clothing). To sell, you just need to take a photo of the product, enter information about it and press the send button. Product information will appear on the main interface of Marketplace.

Why doesn’t your account have Facebook Marketplace?
It is quite difficult to determine why some people open their phones/computers to access social networks and see the Marketplace icon appearing on the screen. Meanwhile, many people have learned all the ways but still cannot access Facebook Marketplace. Within the limited scope of understanding, please list some common cases for the above question:

You’re not in an area where Marketplace is allowed

Currently, Marketplace for Facebook users is open in more than 70 countries – but access may not be available in your region yet. If you choose a region for your Facebook profile (Profile) set in a country that does not have Marketplace, you will not see this icon (it looks like a store) on the menu on the left of the desktop interface, or the icon small in the menu section of the iOS app. If you want to find a country where Marketplace has been opened, you can follow this link:

You are new to Facebook and under 18 years old
There is a lot of information saying that newly created Facebook accounts, or accounts set to be under the age of 18, cannot open Marketplace. The first case is like most trading forums: you have to be active on the platform long enough for the social network to trust that this is not a potential account for fraud.

The parameters that Facebook defines are really vague. Many experts even believe that the devices you use to log into your account are also targeted by this social network to determine whether this is a scammer or not. In general, if you use a mobile device or computer to create or log in to multiple Facebook accounts, that device will easily be on the list that this social network will pay attention to and take preventive measures.

You don’t use social networks so much that Facebook opened Marketplace
Facebook uses algorithms for menus, meaning groups, pages or apps you use often appear higher on the left menu bar on the screen and on the apps menu (accessed by tapping the three horizontal lines bottom right of iOS app). If you use Marketplace infrequently, it may have been replaced by another feature that you use more often and you won’t see it directly on the menu. If you rarely use it, maybe Marketplace has opened and is in the See more section, go check it out!

How to reopen access to Facebook Marketplace
There are a few ways you can try:

Try deleting and reinstalling the Facebook app
There are many, many times when Facebook users see that their friends have new features on their accounts, but they don’t. The solution here is usually for them to simply delete and reinstall the Facebook app. The explanation for this reason is also easy to understand, maybe the feature is already open for their account, but for one reason, the Facebook application being used is an old version, not updated to the latest version. Sometimes you just need to log out and log back in to see new features. Try both of these methods to try to restore access to Facebook Marketplace!

Usually use
Be diligent in commenting, sharing photos, videos, making friends… This solution is for new Facebook accounts created within the last 1-2 years. The longer it’s active, Facebook will collect enough data to confirm your identity and perhaps open Marketplace for you.

Change region
If the Marketplace area does not support it, change your profile to another country by going to Settings > Language and Region.

Fill out the appeal sheet
The Facebook Marketplace feature is an effective support tool for online businesses on social networks. Facebook has released a support form to help users appeal the ban or blocking of this feature. You just need to submit the Facebook Marketplace appeal form to the system, the support team will respond within 24 hours.

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