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The most effective way to ask to raise your Facebook threshold

Are you someone who runs Facebook ads? Have you ever had a threshold repeat when paying on Facebook? Repeating thresholds when paying on Facebook happens very often, especially recently when Facebook continuously makes many changes in payment for advertising costs. So how to raise your Facebook threshold, let’s find out with FACCMARKETh through this article!

What is Facebook payment threshold?

Payment threshold, also known as billing threshold, is the amount of money that Facebook allows you to run. When you spend all this money, you have to pay Facebook. People also often call this the debt threshold. Debt threshold is like a credit card, when you have a credit card of 20 million/month, after spending money on shopping you have to pay at the end of the month.

Specific examples:

Your advertising account has a threshold of $50, when you go to camp, Facebook will start charging advertising fees, when your camp charges $50 – the advertising cost reaches $50, Facebook will automatically invoice you, and Deduct $50 from the bank card you are using for that advertising account.


  • The payment threshold will vary depending on each account and payment currency. The dollar and VND will have different thresholds.
  • On one advertising account, you will create many different thresholds. As you pay more, Facebook will increase your threshold

Common  Facebook payment thresholds

LocationCurrency unitPayment methodsIs it possible to set an invoice threshold?Billing threshold When can an invoice be issued?
USAUS Dollar (USD)Debit card, credit card or PayPalHave$25, $50, $250, $500, $750,…When you reach each billing threshold and at the end of the month
VietnamVietnam Dong (VND)Debit card, credit card or PayPalHave50,000













When you reach each billing threshold and at the end of the month

The most effective way to ask to raise your Facebook threshold

With a low payment threshold of less than 20 million

  • Step 1 : Go to the advertising manager, then go to Billing section. Continue selecting Payment Settings
  • Step 2 : Select Management. Please select the appropriate Payment Threshold
  • Step 3 : Click Change threshold and you’re done

This way of asking for a threshold will not increase your threshold immediately, but you can do it a few times as above.

Please pay regularly, the threshold will increase

With a payment threshold of over 20 million

  • Step 1 : Access the resistance link:
  • Step 2 : Choose an advertising account
  • Step 3: In the “How can we help” section, select “I ask about billing thresholds”
  • Step 4 : Continue selecting “Change my invoice threshold”
  • Step 5 : In the How much invoice do you want to enter section, enter the threshold you want

  • Step 6: In the Description section, fill in the following Mantra: Hello Facebook team, I need to extend the payment threshold for my account to do better business and more money on facebook. Thanks .
  • Step 7 : In the Screenshot or other file download section, upload screenshots of your most recent payment invoices.

  • Step 8 : Click send and wait


Above we have introduced to you how to raise your payment threshold. We hope this article is useful and helps you raise your threshold successfully!

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