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What is BM? Instructions for creating a Business Manager account on Facebook

What is BM on Facebook and why should businesses create BM accounts? With the popularity of social networks, exploiting these platforms will help brands reach more potential customers. In this article, we will learn about what BM is as well as the benefits of using a BM account.

What is BM?

BM is a tool to help with business account management

Business Manager, also known as Business Manager , is a tool that helps businesses manage the authority of Business accounts on Meta. With a business account, users can easily switch between Facebook pages, Instagram pages, ad accounts, and other business assets.

Meta Business Manager can help you manage assets such as

  • Pages _ _
  • Advertising accounts ( ad accounts )
  • Product catalogs ( product catalogs )
  • Roles ( roles ).

You can also manage all aspects of your business through Meta Ads Manager, which helps you create, manage, and analyze your ads. When you have many clients, managing all of their accounts and campaigns can be difficult.

How can agencies use Business Manager?

With Business Manager, agencies can manage advertising accounts and business assets across Meta’s technology ecosystem. Business Manager also tracks performance across multiple Pages and accounts, enabling collaboration between colleagues and partners. Business assets here can be pages, Instagram accounts, viewers, events, and categories.

agency uses Business Manager
How can agencies use Business Manager?

Agencies can use Business Manager to manage ad operations and assets for multiple clients. This allows the agency to run their business while the client retains ownership of the advertising assets and accounts.

As a result, businesses continue to control their assets with great flexibility to switch agencies and suppliers as needed.

Benefits of BM business manager

Using Business Manager brings many important benefits to businesses and advertising agencies on Meta platforms (like Facebook and Instagram):

  • Easy asset management : Business Manager lets you manage multiple ad accounts, Pages, business assets (like product catalogs and events) from a single place. This helps optimize the management and tracking of your assets.
  • Separate personal life from work : With BM, users don’t need to worry about business content being mistaken for personal content. Colleagues will not be able to see your personal Facebook page unless you accept their friend request.
  • Cross-platform integration : Business Manager allows you to manage ad accounts and assets across Meta’s multiple platforms, saving time and effort in running ads across different websites and apps.
  • Centralized performance tracking : You can easily track ad performance across multiple Pages and accounts from a single dashboard. Thanks to that, you clearly understand how advertising works and adjust your strategy effectively.
  • Easy Collaboration : Business Manager lets you invite colleagues and partners to work on promotional projects without sharing passwords or personal information.
  • Security and control : You can manage the access and roles of each member of your organization. This helps ensure security and control in advertising asset management.
What are the benefits of BM?
Business Manager brings many benefits to businesses

Cases where BM should be used

Business Manager is a powerful Meta advertising and asset management tool (including Facebook and Instagram) and it is specifically designed to meet the needs of businesses, such as:

  • Businesses have a marketing team : Businesses have many people responsible for marketing activities or managing business accounts on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Manage multiple assets : Users need to manage multiple assets on Facebook and Instagram such as Facebook pages, Instagram pages, ad accounts, and apps.
  • Businesses want control : If a business wants to have control over its assets and not share rights with others, it should consider using BM.
  • Businesses with advertising partners : Businesses work with a partner to receive support in creating, running and managing the site or ads. However, the business still has ownership rights to the assets.
  • Security requirements : Business Manager has many tools to help increase account security and help businesses maintain control of assets

Instructions for creating simple BM on Facebook

Business Manager (BM) on Meta is a useful tool that helps you organize and manage your business effectively. When you use Business Manager, your colleagues can only see basic information like their name, work email address, and the Pages and ad accounts you’ve allowed them to access.

Before you begin, make sure you have a personal account on Facebook to authenticate your identity. To create a Business Manager account, you’ll need to use your Facebook personal account’s username and password to sign in to Business Manager. This method helps ensure more security than using an email address and password to log in.

Note that you can only create a maximum of 2 Business Manager accounts. If you need more, work with other members of your organization to create more Business Manager accounts.

Create Business Manager

To create a business manager, you just need to follow these 4 simple steps:

  • Step 1 : Access the link
  • Step 2 : Click Create account .
  • Step 3 : Enter information fields including business name, your name, work email and select Next .
  • Step 4 : Enter information about the business, after completing, select Submit
Create a BM facebook account
Create a BM account on Facebook

Add users and grant permissions

Only people with full control in a Business Account have the ability to add others to the account and assign asset management tasks. To improve account security, assign access rights to the tasks people need to complete their work. By default, people are assigned a basic level of access when they are added to a Business Account.

To add people to your Business account, follow these steps:

  • Step 1 : Access Business Settings
  • Step 2 : In the Users section , select People .
  • Step 3 : Click Add person (Add)
  • Step 4 : Enter the email address of the person added to BM, select Next
  • Step 5 : Select the type of permission you want to grant to that person, select Next
  • Step 6 : Select the asset type and the corresponding access type they need to work. Once done, select Invite .
  • Step 7 : Review the invitation and select Send request if there are no further edits. The added person will receive an email to join your Business Account.

Add partners to BM

In case you have a partnership with another business or agency, you can add them to your Business Account in Business Manager (under Partners). Once you add them, you can give them access to individual business assets or a group of assets.

Note : Only administrators have the right to add partners, and partners must have a Business account and provide you with an ID.

Remove people from BM

Suppose an employee leaves, you will need to remove them from the company’s BM. Business Manager doesn’t automatically remove former employees or detect disabled email addresses. Besides, you can check the list of active and inactive users in the “People” tab.

Note : Remember to only grant Business Manager access to active people.

To remove an account from Business Manager, you also go to Business Settings and click on the People section as when adding people. Click on the user you want to delete and select Remove .

Add an ad account

In Business Manager, you can add ad accounts that are owned by you or owned by your business and someone else you have access to. There are 3 ways to add an advertising account to BM:

  • Add an ad account : When you ad an account, it’s permanently transferred to Business Manager. To add an ad account, you must be both the ad account owner and a Business Manager admin.
    Note : once an ad account has been added and it’s been moved into Business Manager, it can’t be undone.
  • Request access to an ad account : If you request access to an ad account in BM, the admin of that Business Manager can grant you permission to use the account.
  • Create a new ad account : If you create a new ad account in Business Manager, it will permanently belong to Business Manager. Once created in Business Manager, an ad account cannot be transferred to an individual who does not already own a Business Manager.
create an ad account
3 options to add ad accounts to BM

What are the things to note when using BM?

Facebook’s Business Manager is an important tool for managing advertising and business pages on the world’s most popular social network. However, using Business Manager requires caution and here are some notes that you need to pay attention to:

  • Granting access only to necessary people and with appropriate permission levels helps maintain security and avoid confusion.
  • Use strong security measures for your Business Manager account, including using strong passwords and enabling two-factor authentication ( 2FA ) where possible.
  • Understand and comply with Facebook’s advertising policies to avoid violations and loss of account access.
  • Monitor user activity in Business Manager and periodically review access permissions to ensure security and performance.
  • Make sure the employees in your business understand how to use Business Manager properly and safely.
  • When employees leave the company or stop working, manage their access and reclaim assets if necessary.


In this article, we learned about what Business Manager, or BM, is and why it is important for businesses on Facebook. Faccmarket has guided you step by step to create a Business Manager account and some operations in BM. Hopefully the above content is helpful to you and if you need advice on Facebook Ads running services, please contact us now!

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