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What is Via 902? Why should you use Via 902 when running ads?

Via 902 – Should You Use It To Run Your Ads?

In today’s advertising market, many people use different types of vias to run Facebook ads. Many businesses are interested in using Via 902 to improve their advertising effectiveness. So, what is Via 902? Why should you use Via 902 when running ads? Where is a reputable place to buy via 902? Let’s learn more details about this product with Faccmarket.

What is Via 902?

Via 902 is a via that has been restricted from advertising by Facebook due to violations of advertising policies from personal advertising accounts: such as going to camp to violate die 902, adding unusual tags to die 902, using a mobile phone to run ads. die 902, running ads on pages with articles that violate advertising policies. After via had its advertising restricted, via filed a 902 appeal, and was successfully approved by Facebook, via was allowed to run ads again. The distinguishing characteristics of VIA 902 are: When you access the ad account quality section, you will see a green check mark (3 lines of text) notifying you that you are allowed to run ads again. The following photo depicts Via 902, which you can easily recognize

Note: This green tick will only appear for 30 days after successfully resisting


  • VIA = Facebook Profile with Full info (username, password, 2Fa key, email, pass email…)
  • Clone = New Facebook profile create by computer 1-30 day ago, it not real and only use for create BM, Ads, Page
  • Via XMDT (other name is Via Greentick 2 lines)

With Via XMDT when you go to it will show Notification

Advertising access reinstated

“Thank you for confirming your identity. You can now advertise. Your ads, personal ad account and other affected advertising assets will return to their previous status.”

  • Via 902 (other name is Via Greentick 3 lines)

With Via 902 when you go to  it will show Notification

Advertising access reinstated

“After a requested review of your Facebook account, we’ve determined that access to advertising was incorrectly restricted. Your ads, personal ad accounts and other affected advertising assets will return to their previous status. We apologise for the inconvenience.”

The most popular types of via 902:

Via 902 is divided by countries, including: Via Viet 902, Via Phillipine 902, Via US 902, Via Indo 902,… These types are divided based on the country of via, if you run ads, these types are common. usually doesn’t affect the quality of your ads. You can easily change the country, time zone, and payment currency to suit your ad

Via 902 Live ads: Via 902 has returned to green status and its personal advertising account is also alive again. You can use Via’s personal account to run live ads, or use your email to run ads.

Via 902 die ads: Via 902 has returned to green status but this individual’s personal advertising account is still banned from running ads, you can use this via to hold the bm to run ads. This type of via holds the bm very well, so it is very popular with Shopbm24h customers

Tại sao chạy quảng cáo nên dùng Via 902?

Compared to other types of vias, Via 902 has many advantages that you should note:

Hold a stronger advertising account

Với Via 902, bạn có thể nắm tài khoản quảng cáo trâu hơn so với các loại via khác. Điều này giúp bạn có thể chạy quảng cáo hiệu quả hơn và dễ dàng giảm chi phí cho chiến dịch quảng cáo của mình.

No ad account locked

Ad account lockout is a very common problem when running ads on Facebook. However, with Via 902, you don’t need to worry about your advertising account being locked. Via 902 was previously restricted, but has now been appealed and is back to normal use.

Where is a reputable place to buy Via 902?

Currently, there are many places selling Via 902 on the market. However, to buy quality products and ensure credibility, you should go to reputable and branded stores.

If you want to buy Via 902, please visit the website, we provide a large number of Via, and have issued tens of thousands of Via 902 to advertising warriors. Covering quality and reputation


With the information and experience shared in this article, we hope you have grasped the basic knowledge about Via 902 and chosen the type of via that suits your needs. If you are looking for a type of via to run Facebook ads effectively and avoid having your account locked, try using Via 902 and experience its advantages. Good luck!

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